We’re Back!


It is with great pleasure that I announce that Kenzoku Martial arts academy congleton will reopen from Sat 25th of July!

Our new covid compliant classes will be structured to promote fitness, coordination and fun. All classes will be based around jiu-jitsu and other Japanese styles!

Our dojo has been completely overhauled in order to meet the government requirements for safe practice! All classes will be of limited numbers and segregated areas will be given to all attendees to ensure a safe training environment. (non contact)

There will be four classes run six days a week with full clean down between each class! All instructors (two max per class) will wear a mask or face shield for the safety of all attending. I look forward to seeing you all soon and thank those of you who have been able to support our school through this difficult time! Should you require any further information please feel free to check us out on our website, public Facebook page or give me a call on 07716755777.